Friday, May 28, 2010

Santo Stefano

Santo Stefano church here in Anghiari was built in the 8th Century in the Byzantine style; it is the oldest church in the entire area.

It is shaped like a Greek cross

and, as the photos will show, the interior is very simple, yet attractive.

There's a baptismal font in the church that is a 4' diameter hole, about a foot plus deep where, presumably filled with water, the priest would conduct the baptismal ceremony. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of it.

For reasons still unknown, my computer was down for two days and stress was beginning to buildup in me, hands shaking, nervous pacing, but thanks to my son, Chris, I'm on again. We've been to Spello and to Perugia in the interim with a trip back to Gubbio on Sunday to witness the crossbow competition, then to Cortona and Pisa in the following week. We're having a fabulous time and are beginning to wonder whether we have enough time between now and 17 July to see everything.


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